UCSD NWP-Based Solar Forecasting

Current Ground Stations WRF-CLDDA Intra-Day GHI Forecast

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Currently, UCSD produces daily irradiance forecasts for 14 sites in San Diego County. In this coastal area, stratocumulus clouds are common. Their impact on distributed photovoltaic power generation is large. As such, accurate irradiance and cloud cover forecasts are critical for this region. Here, GHI forecasts (right) are derived from the UCSD version of the Weather and Research Forecasting (WRF) Model. In addition to optimizing the physics parameterization choices for coastal cloud cover, a cloud-assimilation method (WRF-CLDDA) is implemented to accurately populate the model initial conditions.

Recent Irradiance Observations

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Here, current irradiance measurements from three ground observation sites are displayed. These plots, showing 10 s. irradiance data, are updated hourly. On the left, the previous 48 hours of observation data is shown. On the right is the last hour. All times are Pacific Standard Time.

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