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20 Vernier dataloggers and sensor kits are available for checkout by San Diego teachers for the use in experiments and lesson plans related to environmental sustainability. Suggested grade levels for lessons are noted next to the lesson. Delivery or pick-up will be discussed once the checkout form is completed.

UCSD undergraduate engineering students can also provide assistance to the teacher performing the lesson plan. These students participate in the UCSD Teams in Engineering Service (TIES) K-12 School Environmental Education program. The UCSD students are very familiar with the Vernier equipment, but they also know the lesson plans and can help with implementation or to answer questions about college. You can request a teacher visit on the check out form.

Sensors available: Nitrate, Infrared Thermometer, Light, Temperature, UVA, UVB, GPS, Dissolved Oxygen, and pH. Specific details of each sensor can be found here.

The table below shows what sensors are needed (if any) for each lesson plan.

What may also be checked out:
  • Ice-Ice-Baby materials kit
  • 1 V, 400mA mini-solar panels
  • 0.45 V, 400mA solar cells

If you are interested in checking out equipment please fill out this form.

Check for availablilty here. Please note: You must have a google account to view the calendar.

Sensor(s) required for a lesson plan can be easily viewed here:

Lesson Plan Sensor(s) Needed
Ice Ice Baby Temperature (3 per group)
Shingles Temperature (3 per group), Light Sensor
How Much is a kWh? N/A
Solar Cell Inquiry N/A
Sunshine Timer Light Sensor
Build a Simple Ammeter N/A
Solar-Powered Battery Charger N/A
Positioning Solar Panels I: Explorations with Tracking N/A
Positioning Solar Panels II: Explorations with Stationary Panels N/A
Properties of Solar Radiations: Reflection, Transmission and Absorption Light Sensor
Properties of Solar Radiation N/A
Calibration Curve for a Radiation Meter N/A
Solarize a Toy N/A
Solar Cells as Control Devices N/A