Solar Webapps

  1. Topographic shading effects on solar power production webapp. Topographic horizon angles are available for most of California.
  2. Modeled 1-sec PV power output data webapp. 15 minute averaged data for 100 California Solar Initiative PV Sites were downscaled to 1 second data.
  3. Solar energy calculator webapp.

Web resources

  1. Solar variability model for PV power plants. Contact to apply this model to your power plant to evaluate ramp rates, energy storage, and forecasting needs.
  2. Professor Jan Kleissl’s resource page
  3. UCSD DEMROES Weather Monitoring Stations
  4. UCSD operational forecast images

Special projects

  1. UCSD NWP-Based Solar Forecasting
  2. 2010 National Science Foundation: Coupling Between Skin Temperature and Evapotranspiration
  3. 2010 California Solar Energy Collaborative: Release of more accurate solar resource data for California

Group resources

  1. Group Presentation Sign-up Sheet
  2. Grid Integration Presentation Sign-up Sheet
  3. Panther Job Queue Sign-up Sheet