Avik Ghosh


About me

Hello! I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at UC San Diego. I do research on various aspects related to renewable energy integration into the electricity grid. I hail from the ‘City of Joy’, Kolkata (though I am more fond of the former name, Calcutta), India, and have completed my schooling and bachelor’s education from there.

The rising carbon footprint of the modern world deeply concerns me. I hope that through my research, someday I will be able to effect some (small) change in the quest towards the transformation to a majorly renewable energy powered future.

I like to play the guitar and listen to music in my spare time. I have a deep interest in Bengali literature, world history, geo-politics and Marxist philosophy. Like most other Calcuttans, I like to engage in the quintessential free style chit-chat, Calcutta adda.


  • Ph.D. Student, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of California, San Diego                                                                                Fall 2019 – Present
  • Bachelor of Technology (Hons.) in Mechanical Engineering, Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology, Shibpur                                                         Fall 2015 – Spring 2019

Current Research (at UCSD)

  • Battery Energy storage system (BESS) sizing for microgrids – This project involved the use of the tool REopt Lite,  for calculating the cost savings, associated with the optimal battery size with respect to life cycle cost, for potential installation of Li-ion and VRF batteries in 5 military bases across the US. I post processed the preliminary results obtained from REopt Lite and came up with a charging-discharging strategy of the batteries to incorporate demand response, energy market participation etc. (schemes which could not be implemented through REopt Lite) and reported the updated cost savings.
  • Analysis of the effect of number of electric vehicles on demand charge savings in buildings –  The work on this project has been kick started by Monica. The project is currently under progress.

Previous Research (during undergrad)

My core undergrad research project was centered around scheme development and numerical modeling of a solar powered liquid desiccant cooling system for extending the growing season of temperate crops in greenhouses, situated in the hot and humid tropical/subtropical areas of the world. Prof. Aritra Ganguly mentored me for this project.
I extended the previous work with Prof. Jishnu Bhattacharya to theoretically design a solar desiccant powered air conditioning system for maintaining sufficient human thermal comfort conditions, throughout the year, inside office buildings of Kolkata (which has hot and humid climate year around).


You can find out more about my research and publications here – Google Scholar & ResearchGate