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2016 IEEE International Systems Conference Paper Acceptance

One of our most recent works with Prof. Raymond A. de Callafon was accepted at 2016 IEEE International Systems Conference. The title of the paper is “Reliability of Dynamic Load Scheduling with Solar Forecast Scenarios” and can be found at: Link

Model Predictive Load Scheduling Using Solar Power Forecasting

This is a joint project with Prof. Raymond A. de Callafon,.

Paper abstract: In this paper an algorithm is developed to solve the on/off scheduling of (non-linear) dynamics electric loads based on predictions of the power delivery of a (standalone) solar power source. Knowledge of variations in the solar power output is used to optimally select the timing and the combinations of a set of given electric loads, where each load has a desired dynamic power profile. The algorithm exploits the desired power profiles of the electric loads in terms of dynamic power ramp up/down and minimum time on/off of each load to track a finite number of load switching combinations over a moving finite prediction horizon. Subsequently, evaluation of a user-specified optimization function with possible power constraints is evaluated over the finite number of combinations to allow for real-time computation of the optimal timing and switching of loads. The approach is illustrated on electric loads with varying first order dynamics for on/off switching and solar data obtained from the Solar Resource Assessment & Forecasting Laboratory at UC San Diego.




1. Abdulelah H Habib, Jan Kleissl and Raymond A. de Callafon, “Model Predictive Load Scheduling Using Solar Power Forecasting,” submitted to The American Control Conference 2016, Boston, USA. [link]